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Everything you need to know about the Costa Rica Digital Nomad Visa.

Digital nomads remote working from Costa Rica.  Guiones beach in Nosara, Costa Rica.  Luxury travel to Costa Rica.
Author's photo at Guiones beach.

Have you ever imagined working remotely from a small and friendly country like Costa Rica?

Now, this dream can come true for those adventurers who wish to escape big cities and crazy lifestyles and move to a peaceful and relaxed destination. Costa Rica has become an attractive spot for digital nomads due to its geographical location, year-round warm climate, air connectivity and a wide array of activities and ultimate experiences.

On July 2022, the government signed the Digital Nomad Visa bill, allowing foreigners to legally stay in Costa Rica and work remotely outside of their home country. Unlike the regular Tourist Visa, this one allows travelers to stay longer in the country.

How to obtain Costa Rica's digital nomad visa?

The first step to living this wonderful experience, is to fill out and submit the official application form available at TramiteYa site. After the form is submitted, authorities will take approximately two weeks to accept or reject the application. If approved, travelers can enter the country and will then need to obtain a legal immigration document within the first three months in Costa Rica.

Aspiring digital nomads will also need to show proof of a minimum monthly income of $3,000 if traveling alone, and a minimum of $4,000 if they are traveling with family members. Original bank statements will be needed as proof of eligibility.

Health insurance is another requirement if someone wants to stay in the country with this type of visa, therefore proof of coverage must be submitted for the whole stay.

All documents must be submitted in Spanish, the country’s official language. This means that applicants will need to hire the services of an accredited translator. The list of such professionals can be found at the Costa Rica Ministry of Foreign Affairs site.

Among the benefits of obtaining the Costa Rica Digital Nomad Visa, are: full income tax exemption for income originated outside of Costa Rica, no import tax on personal equipment needed to work remotely, such as laptops, computers, tablets, cameras, phones, vehicles, among others, and Visa extension.

Digital nomads applying for this type of visa are not allowed to work for a Costa Rican company, in which available jobs are reserved only for locals and residents. This means, that foreign travelers must be employed by a company outside of Costa Rica.

Where can I find more information on Costa Rica's digital nomad visa?

The Costa Rica Tourism Board has launched a microsite with information for those interested in applying for the Digital Nomad Visa. On this page, travelers can find detailed information on the benefits and requirements to apply, as well as links to informative documents and a Q&A section. Feel free to browse through the site for a more complete picture of this wonderful opportunity.

Remote work is rapidly becoming a growing travel trend and will continue to do so in the coming years. Costa Rica is a destination that offers Digital Nomads the perfect mix to combine work and leisure, offering unique and authentic outdoor experiences.

Welcome Digital Nomads!

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