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My luxurious new office.

Could we find a co-working space in the middle of a tropical forest and a few steps away from a beach of golden sands and warm waters? Could we have the best of both worlds and become digital nomads?

Since 2020, our lives drastically changed, and our plans took a 360-degree turn. Back then, the idea of working remotely did not cross our minds, it was a little-known modality with very limited opportunities. For the first time in history, we now see companies large and small employing a remote workforce.

Is there a place on Earth where we can become digital nomads, enjoying nature at its best, in pleasant weather conditions, and working remotely for ourselves or for our employers?

Imagine waking up to the sound of a family of howling monkeys, the waves of the sea and a warm breeze on our faces; having a cup of the best coffee in the world while scrolling to read the daily news or to interact with colleagues, friends and family on our social networks.

Imagine after breakfast, heading to a space designed to work remotely with comfortable armchairs and workstations, reliable Wi-Fi, pleasant ventilation, and above all, in compliance with the actual measures implemented by local health authorities.

Imagine that when we take a well-deserved break from our work responsibilities, we walk on the beach or hike through rainforests and waterfalls, practice activities such as surfing or yoga, visit a national park where we observe birds, sloths, toucans, macaws, iguanas and monkeys. Or let's plan on simply reading a book in a hammock, sipping a tropical cocktail or enjoying a beautiful sunset.

Let's imagine that this place is Costa Rica, a country with multiple locations to work remotely with all the comforts and required technology to connect with our jobs, either from the city, the beaches, the forests or the mountains. So, is this photo real? Yes, it's real.

Imagine that, with a tourist visa from countries like the United States, Canada and others in Europe and Latin America, you could visit and stay in Costa Rica for up to 90 days (length of stay varies from one country of origin to another). Is this real too? Yes, it's real.

Original content by Costa Rica Luxury Travel Magazine.

Author's photo at Almonds and Corals Hotel in Manzanillo, Limón province.


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