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Experience the new luxury travel.

Travelers now look for genuine and transformative experiences that will stimulate all their senses with programs, accommodations and activities tailored to their specific needs.

The concept of luxury has evolved throughout the years, and it is no longer related to opulence, chandeliers, extravagant crystal decorations or red carpets. Travelers around the world may have different perceptions of what luxury is, depending on their backgrounds and cultures. However, luxury travelers nowadays have one thing in common: they want to experience this new luxury concept, synonym of exclusiveness, bliss, comfort, quality, excellence, and seamless logistics. They want to be pampered in a new and different way.

Authenticity and uniqueness have become a must for this type of traveler, who has probably visited every single tourist destination and major city around the world. They now look for genuine and transformative experiences that will stimulate all their senses with programs, accommodations and activities tailored to their specific needs.

They want elegance and class, but with a natural and intrinsic essence. Accommodations play a critical role in the travel experience, but their idea of a luxury hotel now has more to do with design, technology, wellness, gastronomy, ecology and the variety of unique activities and experiences that can be offered. The new traveler may look for more exclusive concepts, such as private residences, villas and luxury apartments located in natural settings of great beauty.

Exquisite food with a local flare, fine wine options, farm-to-table fruits and vegetables, catch-of-the-day, grass-fed meat, an array of tropical or international beverages and cocktails are all part of the curated new luxury experience. Travelers also want to be protagonists and not just spectators, they want to get involved with the community, to do things and not just see things. They wish to participate in activities related to the identity of the destination to better understand its authenticity, history, and culture.

Wellness is not a fashion or trend for the new luxury traveler, but a way of life. Most of them take good care of their physical, mental and spiritual selves, and want to be equally taken care of when they travel. They thrive for health, comfort and happiness, and love to travel without stress or rush.

National parks, rainforests, warm beaches, volcanoes and hot springs are all preferred options for the new luxury traveler who is eager to experience a direct contact with nature. They are increasingly looking for destinations which carry out good business practices and have policies linked to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Luxury is not at odds with environmental and social commitment.

New luxury travelers do not have seasonality, they travel several times throughout the year and are loyal customers who usually repeat destinations and accommodations in which they already had a wonderful and value-added experience. They usually like to be involved in the design of their trips, just to make sure everything meets their high expectations.

After the pandemic, luxury travel has been growing at a very significant rate with an estimated 21% increase for 2022-2023. Travelers are now looking for a once-in-a-lifetime trip, probably at remote and little-known destinations that convey a certain degree of exclusivity.

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